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maximizing athletic performance while reducing injuries

At Xplosive Edge, our mission is to help you and your athletes reach their highest level of Athletic Performance, while always looking after their safety and well-being. We aim to do this in a competitive, high-energy, exciting, and motivational atmosphere. Our staff is not composed of supervisors, rather professional certified coaches! At the same time, while increasing performance, we will significantly reduce your athletes chances of sports injury as well as teach each athlete proper nutritional fueling tactics.


Training Programs

At the Xplosive Edge we strive to maximize athletic performance while reducing injury rates.

Our training programs are designed with the athlete in mind. We work to create a foundation for future athletic movement in our Developing Edge Camp that can be built upon in our Prep Edge Camps. From the beginner athlete to the elite, our programs can be adjusted to the specific level that you are at. Our professional coaches strive to create an environment that is both enjoyable and challenging for athletes on a daily basis. Additionally, we offer an Adult Edge Camp allowing our everyday clients to train how the athletes train. Athletic performance is great for all ages, athletes and non-athletes alike. All of our programs are based off of the Husker Power program created by Boyd Epley and Mike Arthur. We also integrate the science of Postural Restoration into all of our warmups, cool downs, and training sessions.

Team Training

maximizing athletic performance while reducing injuries in a team setting

At Xplosive Edge, we also provide team and organizational training. We are partnered with some of the biggest clubs and athletic associations in the state. We aim to create an atmosphere that both challenges and creates unity within teams. If you have a club or organization that would like to begin training with us, please reach out via phone call or email.

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