Is my child to young to start training with Xplosive Edge?

We typically start training athletes as young as 8 years old. At this stage our focus is in building a foundation for future movement. When kids sprint, they encounter ground reaction forces several times greater than their body weight. Jumping out of trees, off swings, etc., is all movement that lacks proper form and technique. Carrying backpacks full of books is lifting. All of this is done without any coaching. Your athletes are already going through movements that they will experience at the Xplosive Edge. We will simply provide them with guidance on technique and fundamentals while teaching them how to properly accept these forces.

Am I locked into only attending the times I initially registered for?

You are not locked into the times you registered for. Speak with a coach about busy schedules and they can help you figure out the best scenario for your situation.

How do I work Xplosive Edge around my high school program?

We do our best to supplement high school weights programs. Ideally, we would like Xplosive Edge to be the only training sessions that your athlete is attending to prevent overtraining, however, we can adapt our program if necessary. We are also willing to contact high school coaches and send them our program so that they are in the loop with what is being done in our sessions.

Do you offer personal training services?

We offer personal training sessions outside of our scheduled training hours. Reach out to one of our coaches to discuss potential training times. Personal training runs for $99/hour.

Does the Xplosive Edge offer nutrition services?

We offer nutrition seminars throughout the year that our athletes can attend. Be on the lookout for email and social media announcements for these. We also offer one on one nutrition consultations. See our nutrition tab on this site or speak with a coach about scheduling one today.

When can my child advance from Developing Edge to Prep Edge?

Typically, we advance athletes into Prep Edge when they turn 13. In certain cases, a coach will make an exception for a 12 year old if they have been excelling in Developing Edge. We do not let anyone 11 or younger into our high school camps.

Can I do monthly contracts?

We do offer monthly contracts in 6 and 12 month packages. Speak with a coach and they will help you register.

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