Omaha Sports Complex

Located inside the Millard Center, the Xplosive Edge’s performance weight room is dedicated to soccer performance and injury reduction for SOFC. Just outside the weight room door is a 130 yard by 65 yard indoor field complete with the Astro Play surface.

The Courts

The Courts facility is located at 8930 South 137th Circle in Omaha. It houses both our home location and our Premier volleyball training facility.  Both of The Xplosive Edge’s performance weight rooms are complete with Power Lift and Hammer Strength equipment. The facility is also equipped with turf for speed and agility work.


Located inside the Elkhorn training camp at 715 N. 210th St, Elkhorn, NE. Registration is now open, click here to register.


Do not proceed if you are planning to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location. You are not able to sign up for training at the Elkhorn location on our website. You must fill out the ETC registration form and mail it or bring in person to the Elkhorn Training Camp or Xplosive Edge. If you wish to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location you must make all payments payable to Elkhorn Training Camp. You can register for training at the Elkhorn location by visiting their website at elkhorntrainingcamp.com
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