Internship Opportunities at Xplosive Edge

The Xplosive Edge has one of the country’s most prestigious and recognized internship programs for privately held sports performance gyms.

If you are accepted as an Intern at Xplosive Edge we will help you establish your knowledge base and grow into a professional and certified strength coach. Interns at Xplosive Edge assist our professional coaches with coaching, programming, facility management, testing, and are also exposed to many of the facets of running a private sports performance gym. Interns are also exposed to the Husker Power principles created by NSCA & Husker Power Founder Boyd Epley in addition to the science of Postural Restoration.

Xplosive Edge has had many interns go on to establish jobs in the private and collegiate sectors in addition to opening their own gyms. Xplosive Edge has also had several interns gain employment at Xplosive Edge and several other prestigious gyms, colleges, and universities around the nation.

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All Interns must pass a background check and complete our Internship Interview process.

What Our Interns Have to Say

“I sincerely thank you for allowing me to work as an intern this semester at Xplosive Edge. It was a very fun and educational experience I loved working with and getting to know you, Brent, Jake, and Eric, as well as the athletes. The relationship I built throughout my time here have become very meaningful to me. I learned a lot from all of you and am thankful for the time that you all invested in me to make me better and prepare me for a successful future. Xplosive Edge is truly an amazing and unique business that values each individual athlete, building good anrelationships and advancing them to both greater performance in both athletics and in life.

I also want to thank you for the job position that I was offered. I am honored that you asked and if I could stay in Omaha I would have loved to continue working with you. I will be beginning building my career and I that I can use you as a reference in my future endeavors.

Again, I truly enjoyed expanding my knowledge and experience at Xplosive Edge and I hope we can stay in touch. Thank you for such a great experience”

-Campbell Ditto

My internship experience with the Xplosive Edge was absolutely amazing. Xedge gave me the opportunity to learn from a multitude of different coaches who all use very different coaching styles.  They put you in the best possible situation to learn and really test yourself. The internship at the Xplosive Edge is everything that you make of it, you have some of the best coaches, solid core principles, an amazing facility, and great athletes. My experience here has helped me completely transform how I coach and allowed me to become comfortable building my own coaching style. I would highly recommend applying for the internship at the Xplosive Edge.

Andy Mavencamp

I began my internship with Xplosive Edge in May of 2022 at their Millard location. For the first couple of weeks, I was able to soak in a ton of valuable information from their talented and knowledgeable staff. All of the coaches were happy to answer my questions and provide me with insight to make me a better coach. Later on, I was able to get almost three months of first hand coaching experience with athletes of almost all ages and skill levels at the new Going Vertical location. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a career in strength and conditioning or coaching in general to intern at Xplosive Edge.

Blake Hutton