Testing is an important part of what we do, as strength and conditioning coaches we need to be able to see the results of what we put our athletes through. We have always been very good at increasing all of these tests. We offer a Testing Session to anyone who wants to see where they are stacked up against themselves or their competition. We will warm the athlete up and put them through the tests that the athlete desires.

Each Testing Session: $60.00

We can complete the following tests: Vertical Jump, Approach Jump, Broad Jump, 10-yard and 40-yard dash, Pro-Agility, Shuttle Runs, and the Pacer Test.

We will take the data from the Vertical Jump, 10-yard and 40-yard dash, Pro-Agility, along with the athlete’s weight and input the results into the Performance Index. The Performance Index will produce a number to rate the athlete against thousands of other athletes in our database.

The Performance Index was created by Boyd Epley during his career at the University of Nebraska. It gives a specific value to each test in relation to the athlete’s weight to result in a specific athletic value to compare against other athletes or to the athlete’s previous testing results.

Scheduling must be done around outside of the current camp times which are subject to change.

Do not proceed if you are planning to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location. You are not able to sign up for training at the Elkhorn location on our website. You must fill out the ETC registration form and mail it or bring in person to the Elkhorn Training Camp or Xplosive Edge. If you wish to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location you must make all payments payable to Elkhorn Training Camp. You can register for training at the Elkhorn location by visiting their website at elkhorntrainingcamp.com
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