Retired NFL Veteran

Kenny Onatolu

“Working with Gibbie Duval and The Xplosive Edge team has been a very positive experience. I was apprehensive about working with The Xplosive Edge when first hearing about them. Being a veteran of training and the weight room left me skeptical on whether anyone could show me new things. They turned me into a believer just after day one. The combination of their speed/agility and weight room work is outstanding. What impressed me the most is their on the field position specific drills. The work I put in at The Xplosive Edge directly translates to getting positive results on the football field. I’ve played professional ball for six years now and have been trained by top tier trainers in the CFL/NFL, and without hesitation I can say The Xplosive Edge stands toe to toe with them. I truly believe this upcoming season will be my best partly because of what I’m doing here at X-Edge. It’s a fun environment but a hard working one as well.”

Retired NHL Veteran

Chris Holt Dinamo Riga

“Training at Xplosive Edge has really helped me become more successful over the years as a goalie. The years I have been able to train with the professional staff of X-edge have been my best and most successful years. I love that X-edge focuses on sports specific movements and the injury prevention training has really helped me avoid injuries and stay on the ice.”

Sports Nutritionist

Dave Ellis

“The roots of The Xplosive Edge are grounded behind the principals that have driven the success of Nebraska athletics. It’s no surprise that this kind of organized approach to training yields results. Smart programs and motivated training environment simply offer a competitive advantage.”

Retired NHL Veteran

Jed Ortmeyer

“After my third ACL surgery and a slim chance of getting another contract, I was introduced to Gibbie Duval and The Xplosive Edge. I started training with Gibbie and through his programs I was able to extend my career 7 more seasons. Not only did The Xplosive Edge prolong my career, but I enjoyed some of my most successful seasons while training with Gibbie. If you are serious about being an athlete, I would highly recommend training at The Xplosive Edge.”

Chicago Bears, Tight End

Zach Miller

“The last 2 years I have spent my off-season training and working closely with Gibbie Duval and his staff at The Xplosive Edge. I am healthier, stronger, and feeling better than ever at this stage of the game. I can’t thank them enough for helping me revitalize my career.”

USA Olympic Gold Medalist

Curtis Tomasevicz

“I’m grateful to The Xplosive Edge for their help in preparing me for the 2010 Olympics as a brakeman on the USA bobsled team. I trained at their facility throughout the 2007 summer and I learned a lot about improving my lifting and running technique as well as my nutritional and supplemental habits. The staff has the knowledge and experience to help any athlete in any sport. I felt I gained some great tools to help me win the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal.”

Boyd Epley

“The Xplosive Edge provides a tremendous opportunity for athletes to develop using principles that have been proven to be successful. They have a great facility and the staff has made the effort to remain on the cutting edge with current innovations. When I needed to hire an assistant to help me at the NSCA I turned to the Xplosive Edge because I knew I could trust any of their staff to be up to speed in all areas of physical development.”

Washington Nationals, Catcher

Jakson Reetz

“The difference between the training I have done in the past and the training I have done so far with The Xplosive Edge is much more explosive movements.  Also, in the past, my technique wasn’t made nearly as important as it is being now.  I have never worked on a set pace either like I have with The Xplosive Edge coaches.  I can already feel adjustments being made in my body along with certain things I am doing with baseball.  I am feeling much more explosive when I am hitting through my core and legs than I ever have before.”

Do not proceed if you are planning to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location. You are not able to sign up for training at the Elkhorn location on our website. You must fill out the ETC registration form and mail it or bring in person to the Elkhorn Training Camp or Xplosive Edge. If you wish to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location you must make all payments payable to Elkhorn Training Camp. You can register for training at the Elkhorn location by visiting their website at elkhorntrainingcamp.com
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