Internship Opportunities

The Xplosive Edge has one of the country’s most prestigious and recognized internship programs for privately held sports performance gyms.  If you are accepted as an Intern at Xplosive Edge we will help you establish your knowledge base and grow into a professional and certified strength coach.  Interns at Xplosive Edge assist our professional coaches with coaching, programming, facility management, testing, and are also exposed to many of the facets of running a private sports performance gym.  Interns are also exposed to the Husker Power principles created by NSCA & Husker Power Founder Boyd Epley in addition to the science of Postural Restoration.
Xplosive Edge has had many interns go on to establish jobs in the private and collegiate sectors in addition to opening their own gyms.  Xplosive Edge has also had several interns gain employment at Xplosive Edge and several other prestigious gyms, colleges, and universities around the nation.

All Interns must pass a background check and complete our Internship Interview process.   

If you are interested in an Internship with Xplosive Edge please contact Gibbie Duval at 402.933.7622 or email at< 

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Do not proceed if you are planning to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location. You are not able to sign up for training at the Elkhorn location on our website. You must fill out the ETC registration form and mail it or bring in person to the Elkhorn Training Camp or Xplosive Edge. If you wish to train at the Elkhorn Training Camp location you must make all payments payable to Elkhorn Training Camp. You can register for training at the Elkhorn location by visiting their website at
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