Month: November 2012

Super State Titan Trio checks in at Xplosive Edge

“The powerful titan trio from Papio South have checked into Xplosive Edge to get ready to report to Nebraska. Over the weekend, Kadie and Amber Rolfzen and also Kelly Hunter signed up to train at Xplosive Edge. All 3 athletes are high profile husker recruits for volleyball. Due to Xplosive Edge’s vast connections at Nebraska with the Husker Power program, the Xplosive Edge is able to train these athletes in the same style as the Huskers train. Here at Xplosive Edge, we believe in training these athletes “functionally” in the correct energy system for volleyball. In the first few days of training, the twins noted that they sweat more in one day than they have in the past 4 years! The Xplosive Edge is excited to work with these athletes, all 3 of them possess amazing athletic ability.

Seven Xplosive Edge Athletes selected for First Team All Nebraska Softball

Opening the Omaha World Herald on Saturday, October 27th, it was to no surprise to the Xplosive Edge that 7 of our current athletes were selected to the All Nebraska Softball First Team. Xplosive Edge is the leader in Omaha in sports performance training and injury prevention and trains most of Omaha’s great high school softball players. Selected to the first team were: Kaylan Jablonski (Omaha Skutt), Jordan Johnson (Millard South), Madi Unzicker (Millard South), Nicole Warren (Papio South), Gina Metzler (Papio), Paige Nekola (Papio South), and Katie Klosterman (Millard West), with Madi Unzicker being selected as the Honorary captain!
Xplosive Edge athletes Linzy Heim (Bellevue West) and Megan May (Lincoln Southeast) were selected to the 2nd Team All State as well. In addition, Kaylan Jabolonski (Omaha Skutt), Megan Korgie (Ralston), and Kristin Lange (Elkhorn) were selected to the class B first team with Jabolonski selected as the Honorary captain. Also, XE athlete Maddy Ethen (Elkhorn South) was selected to the Class B softball second team. Xplosive Edge is extremely proud of all our softball athletes and their commitment to team X-edge!