Month: July 2012

Bartels Breaks XE Performance Index Record!

Huge Day here at X-edge, a day for the record books! Today for the first time in 6 years, our record for performance index was broken. Robert Rands held the record until Today when Nick Bartels broke it recording a 37.75 inch vertical jump, 1.58 sec. 10 yard dash, 4.09 sec. Pro Agility Run, and 4.7 sec. 40 yard Dash! With Nick’s weight (194 lbs.) and test scores, he scored 2,266 points on the Performance Index breaking Rands index of 2,166 points! Great Job, Nick!

Staney Cup Champ, Scott Parse Trains at XE

Stanley Cup Champion Scott Parse of the L.A. Kings gets ready for his next season at Xplosive Edge. Like the rest of the Pro’s he knows where to go stay at his peak performance!