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Sporting Omaha FC

The Omaha Sports Complex is the “home” base for the Xplosive Edge with our upper and lower weight rooms, as well as our office area. This building is where our Xplosive Edge, Developing Edge, and Adult Edge Camps take place.

This facility has also been used to train the Omaha Football Club. With programs designed specifically for soccer athletes, our program works to create the superior soccer athlete. Trained at our facility inside the Omaha Sports Complex, athletes can train before or after practice.

Emphasis is put on increasing strength, balance, agility, and range of motion, all while developing power and decreasing injuries. Athletes will increase their speed, acceleration and agility. Soccer-specific conditioning is included in our training regimen when the athlete has become strong enough to control their bodies in space.

Athletes are trained depending on age, volume, intensity and phase of year. Each athlete is pre- and post-performance tested to track their own individual performance index score. Athletes are also supplied with a pre- and post-workout drink to help recover and boost the immune system. Supplements are provided by 8 Ball Nutrition and are certified safe for athletes of all ages. Each soccer team receives a full nutritional analyses and bio-mechanical evaluations of each athlete.

08:00 - 09:00

Our Programs

Do not proceed if you are planning to train at the Elkhorn Training Center. You cannot do so online. You MUST fill out the registration form and mail it to or bring it to Xplosive Edge in person and make payments payable to the Elkhorn Training Center.
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