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Adult Edge

Designed for any adult coming from any walk of life, the Adult Edge is a scientifically researched training program designed to specifically target body fat loss by increasing lean muscle mass. This is not your everyday Adult boot camp.

The Xplosive Edge will incorporate its renowned “Husker Power Principles” to get the adult to perform better and maximize their workouts. Emphasis is put on increasing strength, agility, range of motion, and balance as well as developing power.

Xplosive Edge staff will help each adult regain proper biomechanical position via breathing, strengthening, and proper activation of certain muscle groups. Nutritional analysis and Fueling tactics will be covered with each adult as well as pre and post performance and body fat testing.

(8 week training camps) 4x per week, 60 min. sessions, M/T/Th/F, 9-10:00am, 5:30-6:30am


Jan. 2 – Feb.24

Mar. 6 – Apr. 28

12mo Contract:

(1 week break every camp) 4 days a week

6mo Contract:
(1 week break every camp) 4 days a week

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09:00 - 10:00

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